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DELIVERANCE MINISTRY, proclaiming freedom to victims of demonic attacks

Welcome to In partnership with  Jesus Work Ministry, a Christian deliverance ministry rescuing multitudes in bondage to works of the devil in their various categories. And an online ministry equipping believers for biblical spiritual warfare that brings true deliverance.

What an awesome privilege to have Jesus Christ on our side. He is the demon Buster. Unfortunately many believers have been misled to assume that they’re the demonbusters. This is not biblical. Only Jesus is the demonbuster. The consequences have been terrible for many caught up in the lie that believers are demonbusters.

There is only one exception where we’re authorized to directly confront demons. Outside this exception is straying away from biblical limits. The consequences of going outside biblical limits are sad, to say the least (Jude 1:8-10, 2 Peter 2:10-12), inviting all kinds of demonic interference and attacks.

Some of the demonic interference in believers’ lives are so severe that they seem like cases of demonic possession. Others resemble demonic experiences of people in the occult. Our ministry has been called to rescue such sincere believers from demonic interference, whether from low or high level of attacks. Deliverance and healing principles are shared to enable believers to recover from the effects of demonic influence and interference.

Our ministry also equips believers with biblical spiritual warfare and deliverance principles.


Click here for resources on biblical spiritual warfare and deliverance principles. Resources also for deliverance and healing for victims of demonic influence, demonic attacks and interference.



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