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Meet Our Team

<a href="index-183.html" title="Angelo Passalacqcua">Angelo Passalacqcua</a>

Angelo Passalacqcua

Chief Executive Officer
<a href="index-184.html" title="Brenda S. Stoltz">Brenda S. Stoltz</a>

Brenda S. Stoltz

Chief Operations Officer
<a href="index-185.html" title="Ahmed Hasan">Ahmed Hasan</a>

Ahmed Hasan

Language Solutions Expert
<a href="index-186.html" title="Dae Garcia">Dae Garcia</a>

Dae Garcia

Client Engagement Manager
<a href="index-187.html" title="Rona Magdalaga">Rona Magdalaga</a>

Rona Magdalaga

Client Engagement Manager
<a href="index-188.html" title="Nahuel Gomez Aprile">Nahuel Gomez Aprile</a>

Nahuel Gomez Aprile

Client Engagement Manager & Solutions Architect
<a href="index-189.html" title="Leandro Caselli">Leandro Caselli</a>

Leandro Caselli

Production Manager
<a href="index-190.html" title="Analía Córdoba">Analía Córdoba</a>

Analía Córdoba

Project Manager
<a href="index-191.html" title="Erin Stansifer">Erin Stansifer</a>

Erin Stansifer

Project Manager
<a href="index-192.html" title="Michelle Delana">Michelle Delana</a>

Michelle Delana

Project Manager
<a href="index-193.html" title="İpek Altan">İpek Altan</a>

İpek Altan

Project Manager
<a href="index-194.html" title="Paula Cortez">Paula Cortez</a>

Paula Cortez

Junior Project Manager
<a href="index-195.html" title="Buse Nur Köstekli">Buse Nur Köstekli</a>

Buse Nur Köstekli

Junior Project Manager
<a href="index-196.html" title="Ömer Faruk Keser">Ömer Faruk Keser</a>

Ömer Faruk Keser

Junior Project Manager
<a href="index-197.html" title="Dilara Koru">Dilara Koru</a>

Dilara Koru

Junior Project Manager
<a href="index-198.html" title="Robert Anderson">Robert Anderson</a>

Robert Anderson

<a href="index-199.html" title="Meaghan Spano">Meaghan Spano</a>

Meaghan Spano

Operations Manager
<a href="index-200.html" title="Jelly Lumactud">Jelly Lumactud</a>

Jelly Lumactud

Partner Services Assistant
<a href="index-201.html" title="Cristy Importante">Cristy Importante</a>

Cristy Importante

Operations Assistant
<a href="index-202.html" title="Siniša Zelen">Siniša Zelen</a>

Siniša Zelen

Technology Manager